The sexycompass team is constituted of dedicated high-­end web developers, creative graphic designers and strategic sales and marketing partners. Our sole objective was to create an intuitive website, which offers both users and advertisers a full range of scalable functionalities at an affordable price.

Our analysis of the current e-­commerce market in the adult classifieds services industry, has proven to us, that the majority of existing portals are expensive versus the true value add. We do not only understand the people who have chosen to make a living in this challenging industry but we respect them. We respect you! Our primary goal, is to make sure that you can use this website to maximize your advertising potential and expand your clientele network whilst keeping your marketing and advertising budgets reasonable.

If you are a woman, a man, a transsexual or a transgender, and you have chosen to use our website to advertise your services, you will always be our number one priority. As a result, we do not allow any other advertisements in the form of logos, banners, and popups on any of our advertiser’s personal pages. We want to make sure that viewers come to you, and only to you!

We will expand sexycompass throughout most of Europe, allowing our advertisers to reach cross-border clientele.  The power of our “Sensual Search” tool, combined with our unique search engine, will allow prospective clients to indicate their most detailed personal desires and guide them towards the corresponding profiles.

We have developed sexycompass, and we will continue to evolve. We aim to provide you with the latest web and mobile technology, whilst ensuring that our website will always remain, functional, rapid and user-friendly.

If you have already chosen to advertise on sexycompass, thank you!
If you have not yet decided to do so, we look forward to welcoming you onboard soon.

The sexycompass team